2014 Conference - October Sat 11th & Sun 12th

Probe Conference Details

Location: Y.M.C.A. - St.Annes
St.Albans Road, Lytham St.Annes -
Nr Blackpool, Lancashire FY8 1XD

Tickets: £22.00 per day or £38.00 for 2 days. Doors open @ 9.30am.

Free car park, lift, bar, café, books, magazines, aura readings, crystal stall

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Come join us for a night out!

At the Langdales Hotel St Annes for a social night of Cabaret and drinks. All speakers are staying at The Langsdale Hotel.

Accommodation: B/B & Evening Meal Only £45.00 per night. The Langdales Hotel
318 - 328 Clifton Drive North,
Lytham St Anne's, Lancashire, FY8 2PB
Tel: 01253 721 342

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Probe International is run by Sam Wright who can be contacted by phone or email.

Advanced or Group Bookings Please Call Sam on

Tel: 01253 691301
e-mail: ukprobe@talktalk.net
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Probe International are the UK leaders in   Paranormal Conferences. Many speakers    from all over the world attend Probe   International Conferences.  We cover any subjects Including Ufology, Crop Circles, Paranormal Phenomenon & much, much more. Probe International holds two main conferences per  year in Lytham St Annes - Nr Blackpool, Lancashire, a two day event in both   October & March.


Probe International Conferences are based in Blackpool, Lancashire - North West of England.


Note Change of Speakers


Sam Write would like to thank you all for your good wishes cards calls and emails. Sam is now home and recovering well. Please note a change of speakers and we cannot guarantee that the order won't change.

Sat October 11th 2014

(15 minute Breaks at approximately 11:30am and 2:45pm and 1 hour lunch break 12:45pm till 1:45pm)

10:30am Dave Starbuck
David (Editor of Revelation Tapes and one of Europe's top numerologist’s) will explain how to harness the hidden and mystical power of numbers to enhance one's life.
It’s all there so come and hear it for yourself powerful stuff…

11:45am Tracy Ashfield
Paranormal encounters with many different spirits / beings for over 30 years from orbs to being visited by
Shadow people, the Grays and more. Tracy talks about the Incubus's (Monkey like beings ) and much more. Get all the hidden information on these beings , what will Tracy reveal …

1:45pm Sweep Fox
Sweep’s last talk was all about his military back ground and his connections with the CIA and operations with Area 51 and all that goes on in between. This time Sweep’s talk will be about organized institutions, science and religion, and about how they do not serve the spiritual needs of humankind, they only serve themselves. Sweeps also goes on to say that their views are out dated and are inadequate to explain mystery or the boundless. Wow some vital information miss out at your peril…

3:15pm Kieron Lee Perrin
Kieron speaks from first-hand experience on the subject of RNM [Remote Neural Monitoring] – AKA "Mind Control Technology". Details and evidence of which can be viewed at :- http://chroniclesofamindcontroltarget.blogspot.co.uk We all suspected something was going but what and how ???? …

4:30pm David Boyle
David brings you all up to date with the current happenings news views and what is really going on in our current state of being ....... important ground breaking news

Sun October 12th 2014

(15 minute Breaks at approximately 11:30am and 2:45pm and 1 hour lunch break 12:45pm till 1:45pm)

10:30 am Miles Johnson
With 20 years of Bases interviews, Miles discusses some of the key points covered, from “ Mind Hacking” to the recent “Super Soldier” debacle. Mind hacking is the abuse of a variety of technologies to access everyone’s thinking and control to directly influence the population. The 5th Race, an “ ET“ race now in complete control of all elements of global society will be discussed.
Who really controls our little planet and why ???

11:45am Brenda Butler
Mysteries of Rendlesham revealed:- UFO investigator Brenda Butler, what happened in Rendlesham Forest 34 years ago. In December 1980 there were reports of unidentified flying objects over the forest near Woodbridge, Suffolk. Orford Ness Lighthouse, a crashed satellite and a hoax are amongst the explanations still being debated, or was it from another dimension???. Key to the discussions are recordings made by US Colonel Halt, the deputy commanding officer of RAF Woodbridge at the time. Brenda takes part in Sky watch groups, which meet monthly and she guides groups through the forest, she has compiled a dossier of evidence to illustrate that many unexplained events are occurring in the skies above the forest, we've seen the black cat, little brown monks which float around, discs and orbs, craft in the sky, shadow Beings, Et’s and even ghosts. A compelling look at the secrets This forest holds ???

1:45pm Change of speaker To be announced shortly

3:15pm Ellis Taylor
Ellis will discuss and demonstrate how letter and numeric symbols, in this domain, light as well as blight our ‘spiritual’ purpose; how they are used to orchestrate world events and divide and decide the paths and arenas of our lives, allocate our relationships, fates, and potentials, and motivate our destinies. Among the questions that will be addressed are: 1. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1) What is that word? 2. Do we have free will? 3. Do we create our own reality? Ellis Taylor has been consciously studying and practicing numerology and symbology for 17 years; combining the two disciplines into a system that he calls, “ Numerosymbology ” - the study and interpretation of the subliminal motivations of literary and numeric symbols; alphabets, punctuation and numbers.
Another Great Presentation By Ellis Taylor.

4:30pm Kevin Rowan-Drewitt
Spirals on Circles - Long Meg, Little Meg and Glassonby Stone Circles. Within a few miles of each other, in the picturesque Eden Valley in East Cumbria, stand the only stone circles in England that have spirals carved into them; the magnificent Neolithic Long Meg and Her Daughters, the third largest stone circle in Britain, her little sister, the Bronze Age Little Meg and the anomaly that is Glassonby Stone Circle, which really wasn't a stone circle at all when it was built. Although spirals are found at other ancient sites in Scotland, Wales, Ireland and beyond, only these 3 sites have them in England. Kevin, who has personally visited all three sites on numerous occasions, will explain the history and alignments of the sites. - Who built them, what they might have been used for, Kevin will put forward his theories as to what the spirals mean….Come and join Kevin for a walk in your ancestors footsteps…

Win Keech
our very own audio video Guru cannot attend on this occasion and sends his apologies for the change due to other commitment’s , all of probe wish him good luck and look forward to his talk in the near future, New Horizons St ‘Annes Team will be supporting audio and video on this occasion, a Big thanks to Rob, Chrissie , Andrew, John and to Miss Jane Fraser for the lone of her equipment. A Special thanks to …Sam , Paul ,Celia and Chris for keeping Probe on the map with all their hard work. .

Ukprobe does not hold the views of the speakers and hopes you will find them entertaining and informative please form your own opinion’s and enjoy the freedom to discuss this with all others, articles correct at time of print but may change without notice.
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